say something

The purpose of "Sunday is for Songs" is to get me back in the studio and doing more playing and singing. I realized so much time can pass without me engaging in some kind of creative activity, and it's such an important thing for me! This week I took the blankets off the keyboards (woo!) because my oldest (the drummer) asked if we could record "Say Something."  See here for the amazing version by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera, but probably watch ours first 'cause it just will be a letdown after hearing the real version. :) I've never used my setup for a live performance (just recording), so I realized along the way some limitations related to latency, reverb, and recording quality audio with a mono mic smart phone video. But really, all that is just notes to myself - what was the absolute best part was playing and singing with my daughter!  I remember when she was little wondering if she'd be musical and if we'd ever do anything like this. And I've tried really hard not to push it on her... so most delightful for her to ask.