This is a place for me to share and document personal interests such as music, technology, and other writing. Please enjoy; I love to receive comments and hear back from you! And if there is something you'd like me to record or a tech question, please let me know!

Who Am I?

I belong to God, through the gracious gift of Jesus Christ, in whom I believe and put my trust as Lord and Savior.  Known as one who speaks often of grace, I do so out of deep experience and gratitude for that grace.  I also treasure God's Word and Spirit of truth, as that which is inextricably bound up with grace.

I have been married to Heather Brackbill Austell since 1992.  We met through InterVarsity in college and have three daughters and one very fluffy dog (American Eskimo) named Buddy.

I am an ordinary (and imperfect) man who has been loved by an extraordinary God.  I love the church and the Word and the way God draws people to the hope of the Gospel.  I am humbled by the grace of God in my life and want to share that grace with those inside and outside the church.  At the end of the day, all talents, experience, qualifications, and personality aside, my desire is to show people the love, truth, and grace of God in Jesus Christ.

A bit more...
I am a GenX post-modern (b. 1968) who is thoroughly "bi-lingual" (modern/post-modern), having grown up on the front-end of a generation that mostly emerged and matured after me.  This perspective has informed our worship and mission as a multi-generational congregation.

I "read the notes" and "play by ear." I am a classically trained pianist (some 14 years worth), but have also been playing by ear since I was five years old.  I worked as a session musician in Nashville and continue to be a frequent worship leader at conferences in and out of the denomination.  I also write and record music, but probably enjoy even more working with younger or amateur musicians to record and flesh out their ideas.

Good Shepherd small worship team leading conference worship
in Anderson Auditorium at Montreat
I am a musician who was called to be a pastor, and much of my journey of call has been to find how those fit together.  This journey found great expression in my D.Min. project, in which I explored a biblical and historical theology of worship, particularly with respect to music.

I am deeply a people-person, but also cherish solitude to recharge and renew.

I love technology, but as a tool rather than an end in itself.

I am a laid-back, type A person.  What in the world does that mean, you ask?  That means I am very administrative and organized, but don't stress over disorganization or disorganized people.