You Are Our Good Shepherd

This is my second effort in the "12 Song Challenge" - a group I joined in 2020 to encourage songwriting. At the first of each month, the organizers provide a prompt. For February it was to write a congregational worship song as a "theme song" for your church. I chose to use the theme of "Good Shepherd" - it is the name of our church after all! I also picked up one of our key phrases, written on the picture wall right inside the doors of the church: "ordinary people; extraordinary God."

You Are Our Good Shepherd – Robert Austell

You are our Good Shepherd - extraordinary God
You lead us, your children - ordinary people
You lay down your life - showing us true love
You are our Good Shepherd - Shepherd of the Sheep

May we see
Where you move and work
May we move
Joining in with you
May we be
Light against the dark
May we love
Love in grace and truth