iPad apps

I made the move from a laptop to an iPad about two years ago. While there are some advantages to a laptop, I have found the portability and flexibility of the iPad to be well worth the change. Recently I responded to a question about "what apps do you use on the iPad in ministry?" I thought I would share my initial response (which isn't exactly short) here and then perhaps elaborate on specific apps if there is interest. Tune in for that or shoot me an e-mail about a specific app if you just can't wait! Here's the question and my initial run-down: "Church-working types: what are your favorite bible/church apps for the iPad?"
  • Music: itunes, IHeartRadio, Pandora
  • Photo and photo editing apps (I have several); iLoader for FB helpful
  • Presentation (Slideshark*, Prezi, Keynote) - slideshark very flexible and plays PP
  • QuickOffice (edits MSoffice docs, but seems to be changing to Google docs)
  • Feedly: replace Google Reader for me; read my blogs, news, etc... here
  • Flipboard: very nice reader for social media and other feeds
  • GoTasks: an app that syncs with Google Tasks
  • Calendars: an app that syncs with Google calendars (I use many)
  • Logos Bible: if you have Logos, the app is nice; otherwise one rec. above
  • TWC: the weather channel
  • Kindle: I watch the Kindle store for freebies
  • MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness: my two main health apps; mainly on iPhone, but also have MyFitnessPal on the iPad
  • WordsHD: always up for Words with Friends!!
  • Mailbox: favorite e-mail reader that helps keep the inbox clear
  • Dropbox: I couldn't live without it; MANY uses deserving a separate response, but basically syncs all the files on the three computers + iPad I use regularly (and certain folders with key staff at church); I also use Google Drive and Box cloud storage and both have Apps; all these are for accessing church and home files from anywhere
  • HootSuite: twitter client; it's just ok, but my favorite of the options; really preferred Tweetdeck on my desktop (but better than the Twitter app)
  • Facebook and Facebook messenger
  • Notability: YES to using this at presbytery meetings; imports PDFs (like the downloadable packet) and then lets you write, highlight and otherwise take notes. I've started scanning everything paper to PDF and using here.
  • iBooks: for preaching I like creating a large font PDF and viewing from iBooks because it doesn't scroll. One tap or slide to move forward or back.
  • Evernote: some people really swear by it; I've not found a use for it
  • Movies: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (now streamable to Apple TV), and Crackle
  • ContactSync: syncs your iPad contacts with Gmail contact list (if you have Gmail)
  • BankofAmerica: take pics of checks for deposit and any other online stuff you need
I have other apps, but those are all the ones I use with some frequency. If there are particular apps you'd like me to elaborate on (or if there are others you'd recommend), say so in the comments. Coming soon: ios7 vs Android - a friendly comparison (I recently switched)