personal highlights 2013

Clearly, the most significant personal highlight of 2013 was the improvement in my health and fitness. While that can be straightforwardly explained by "diet and exercise," there is a much more profound and personal explanation HERE. And I did very much appreciate two apps along the way: MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal. Personal Highlights
  • My parent's 50th wedding anniversary
  • Eldest daughter getting her driver's permit
  • All three daughter's thriving (in their uniquely different ways)
  • Becoming a godfather
  • Grandpa Brackbill's 100th birthday!
  • Significantly improved health and fitness (see below)
Health/Fitness Realizing that most of this happened from March on... and the running not until September
  • Jan-Dec: approx. -50 lbs. or -18.8%
  • 295 workouts in 200 hours
  • 975 miles (total): 251 biking; 724 running or walking
  • 143,000 total calories burned (explains a lot, eh?)
  • Avg. Pace: walk (15min/mi); jog/run (9min/mi) - for future reference!
  • Top Workouts (acc. to MapMyFitness)
    • Farthest Walk: 5.67 mi
    • Farthest Run (and biggest burn): 8.01 mi.; 1682 cal. 
    • Farthest Bike Ride: 15.23 mi
    • Fastest Bike Ride: 13.17mph avg. 
  • Goals for 2014
    • Lose 25 more lbs (at least get there and look around)
    • Run a half-marathon (who knows, may be closer than I think!)
    • Keep it up (and up the pace)!
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